Farm to Plate Angus Beef at Guthrie Farms

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Community Supported Agriculture at Guthrie Farms

Option 1

1200 pound animal = approximately 600 lbs of freezer beef
600 pound ½ of an animal = approximately 300 lbs of freezer beef

For example, if the current market value is $2.25/lbs. for a 1200 lbs. whole beef, you would pay $2700. And approximate processing charge is $500. You will have approximately 600 lbs of beef in your freezer with an average price of $5.33/lbs. for your steaks, roasts, and ground. Therefore, when you buy a whole or half beef, you are paying essentially the price of prime ground beef for all the cuts (steaks, roasts, and ground) you receive.

Option 2

Join our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) monthly beef subscription. You will receive a 20 to 22 lbs. box of beef each month for 7 months $7.50/lbs. This option is perfect for families without adequate freezer space. CSA is a unique opportunity for consumers to connect local farmers and pre-order what the farmer will raise in a season. This is a $150 per month membership.

Angus Beef

Contact us at or 423-650-2939