Farm to Plate Angus Beef at Guthrie Farms

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Community Supported Agriculture at Guthrie Farms


1200 pound animal = approximately 600 lbs of freezer beef
600 pound ½ of an animal = approximately 300 lbs of freezer beef

Deposit required by October 30th: $250

For example, if the current market value is $2.25/lbs. for a 1200 lbs. whole beef, you would pay $2700. And approximate processing charge is $500. You will have approximately 600 lbs of beef in your freezer with an average price of $5.33/lbs. for your steaks, roasts, and ground. Therefore, when you buy a whole or half beef, you are paying essentially the price of prime ground beef for all the cuts (steaks, roasts, and ground) you receive.

Angus Beef

Contact us at or 423-650-2939